Taste The Homemade Delicacies by Mona Liza
Taste The Homemade Delicacies by Mona Liza
Homestyle products by Social Media Influencer Liza Aronova

I met Liza Aronova or MonaLiza through my project about “Inspirational Bukharian Women”. I invited her after watching her cooking show on Facebook. Her creativity and deep knowledge of Bukharian cuisine inspire so many worldwide. It is always amazing to watch her cook multiple dishes in a short period of time. After having so much success on Facebook Liza decided to start her catering business. Her specialties are Plov and shashlik.

Recently she took her business to the next level and launched her first line of homemade sauces and jams. She got that idea from one of her friends, Ruben Shalomov who told her a story about his grandmother’s Passover carrot jam. After that story, she decided to go home and experiment with carrot jam and it came out delicious. Her other friend Ben Mosheyev who does catering with her loved the sauce she made for shish kebabs and they called it “Dadesh” which translates to Papa…and the Papa sauce was born!

She created a variety of sauces and jams, and her cousin Mark Kanhorov, who is a partner at the Universal store in the heart of Rego Park let her sell her products. instantly her products became a huge hit!

Currently, she has the following products on the shelves of Universal... Papa sauce, Hot Mama Sauce, Ekra (vegetable spread), and a variety of jams.  Liza’s products bring nostalgia… they are authentic and homemade like our grandmothers’. Everything is made with love and delicious flavors. Those flavors are hard to find in a world where everything is machine-made.

Liza will be contributing to the BJPost column once a week and sharing her recipes. Stay tuned for more of her creativity and bursts of flavor!


Written by Leya Yusupov

Photographed by: Leya Yusupov


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